On a rainy Saturday in February of 2008, I fell off a four-foot high truck flat on my back onto concrete. Now this isn’t something I do everyday as a chiropractor, nor do I recommend you do it if you have nothing better to do, even if you are a thrill seeker.

I laid still for a moment and thought: “This really hurts and I wonder if I can get up.”

I rocked back and forth to gain moment and used the old power-up-the-legs trick and got to my feet. Now what I noticed was that I could stand relatively straight except I was bent to the left. When I even thought about moving to the right I had a sharp pain in my left kidney area, and I thought that I had blown my left kidney to tiny pieces.

There were a number of people around and you know what you do when you trip in public: “Oh, I’m okay. I’m a little bruised but I’m really okay.” It’s embarrassing but I had no shame.

My son put his arm around me just to check in and I said I’d be alright. As the day continued I didn’t feel too bad except when I moved to the right. Pain seared into my exploded left kidney. Now I don’t know how long it takes for blood to collect in the urine but I checked regularly and didn’t notice any the rest of the day.

That evening I had my wife go to my office and get my cold laser and I began lasering myself an hour at a time, directly over my left kidney. That night was a fairly miserable night trying to sleep.

The next day I was still in pain, again, when I moved to the right side. I kept up lasering and added a barrage of nutritional supplements, and I also began clearing myself with a chiropractic technique I just had learned. I moved stiff and guarded.

The next day I went to my office and someone thought I’d better X-ray myself. I did and that’s when I discovered two broken pieces of vertebrae near my left kidney.

That was it. I cancelled the next few days, took my laser and a few more bottles of nutrition with me and went home. I began a course of taking care of myself; lasering and nutritional supplements to fuse the bone tissue for 4-6 hours a day.

By Friday, 6 days later, I went back to work a full day. Little pain but not too bad. I was in rapid healing and continued the protocol I had begun. Now, one month later, I have full range of motion and don’t even realize I had a problem. There never was blood in the kidney so I don’t think it exploded. It was fun to say it was though.

The point: take care of yourself now because you never know what and when something will happen to you.

Three ways to deal with physical stress:

  1. Make sure your body is in good muscular shape. Do you exercise regularly? Better start.
  2. Make sure you tissues have a good supply of nutrients. Are you eating as good as you could and do you ingest whole food supplements?
  3. Make sure you can develop an appropriate healing attitude. How’s yours?

Stress will come at you, no doubt about it. Have you prepared yourself for it? What will you do when it becomes too great? This lesson from falling off the truck is all about doing the things now so when the stress hits you may have a fighting chance to get through it.

By Dr Peter Lind (Archive)

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